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Kurracaburn Heights welcomes you to Wedderburn, the centre of Victoria’s famed Golden Triangle, 50 minutes northwest of Bendigo on the Calder Highway and just over two hours from Melbourne. Filled with little corners of wonder, heritage sites of old gold diggings, an award-winning museum and regional wineries, it is the perfect country escape for families, couples or solo travellers. Whether you wish to exploit your love for bushwalking and rock-climbing or you have a newfound passion for wildflower photography, our beloved hometown and its surrounds has something for you. 

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Multiple bed configurations, accommodating up to six people, with cot available. A fully equipped kitchen and bathroom, with air conditioning in each room making your stay comfortable. Many entertainment options with wifi available.
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Two bedrooms accommodating up to four people, with fully equipped kitchen, bath and laundry. Air conditioning and plenty of entertainement facilities.
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